Change the way you look at Mondays

Another Monday to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Many people think Mondays are blah, but so not true if you look at it the right way. The weekend is over and you are just 5 more days and 5 more ways away from celebrating next weekend. If you can find 5 ways to […]


Let’s Talk About Goals

Happy Monday T&T’s Entrepreneurs! Hope your weekend was well spent. It’s that time again. Goal setting time. Let’s talk about goals. In life without goals, we are like a ship without a course that goes to and fro on the ocean thrown this way and that by the waves and currents. The captain can’t lead […]


4 ways to create a winner’s mindset

It’s the last week of April already. Wherever did the time go?! As we traverse this week, let’s make it count as we reflect on our triumphs and lessons. There’s been a lot of advice on this next topic over the years, but we at T&T’s Entrepreneurs strive to carve our own path for success […]


Life Lessons

Happy Monday T&T’s Entrepreneurs! Doesn’t if feel great to wake up to another day in paradise? You still enjoy many freedoms in T&T that many around the world don’t. If you’re already at your dream job/business hurray for you. But for some of us, the struggle is real. Even if one or two aspects of […]


6 Ways to Change it up on Mondays

Mondays are always a somber day for most people, but what we don’t realize is that it’s a time to recalibrate with a new opportunity to make this week even better than the last. Use all the good and not so good stuff from the week(s) before and transform it into a work of art. […]


A new month

A good day to be alive! A new month. New possibilities. New adventures await. Every now and then, you may need a little inspiration to get that kick start required to take you to the next level and we are here to help. Life can be a roller coaster ride sometimes, especially when balancing business […]