Strategic Planning 2015

A Strategic Plan: Is it really needed?

It’s mid-week and we’ve got another great insight into Marketing to share with you. Last week we learnt from marketing professional Cindy Guevara why Marketing is important to your business. Today we caught up with Business Development Consultant, Yohann Sambrano who will examine why strategic planning is necessary to chart the way forward in your […]


Why Marketing is Important to Your Business

Hey T&T’s Entrepreneurs. This Wednesday we have some nuggets of advice for you as we caught up with Marketing Professional Cindy Guevara. According to Huang and Brown, Marketing has been deemed as being the most important element of all business activities and crucial for the survival and growth of small businesses. Wow! How many people […]


3 Marketing Tips for SMEs

You know that feeling when you are dreaming about a particular product and you suddenly begin to see it everywhere? Like when I was shopping around for my car many moons ago…I began to see a corolla on almost every street corner. Speaking of which, that brings me to my first point. 1-The Customer is […]