Learn to let go

Happy Friday all! Ever notice the people that have the most fun are the ones that learn to let go? Even in business, we tend to hold on to things way longer than we need to. Any of this sounds familiar? That customer that worked our last nerve with all the know-it-all type questions challenging […]


Happy Good Friday T&T’s Entrepreneurs!!

We made it!!! Christians and non-Christians alike are getting ready to celebrate Easter the world over. The moment some of us have been waiting for since New Year’s ☺. That’s the great thing about living in multi-cultural twin-island, we all unite to do the things that make us Trinbagonian. Like buying hot cross buns on […]


It’s Celebration Time!

Happy Friday all! It’s time to celebrate, we made it through another week ☺ One of the great things about being your own boss is that you can give yourself a day off or bonus for your hard work. Of course everything in moderation. Last Saturday I went to the north coast despite having a […]


Cheers To The Weekend

Happy Friday all! It’s the day some of us have been waiting for all week. But for us entrepreneurs, our work may be now beginning! However, our love for what we do keeps us afloat on the days when it feels like we are drowning. You know the feeling when you feel as though you […]