Gratitude opens the door for abundance

Happy Indian Arrival Day T&T’s Entrepreneurs! We have come to the end of another month in paradise. While there may be lots of things to complain about, I’m sure you can find loads to give thanks for as well. As May comes to a close, today we offer you a gratitude blog. I strongly believe […]


7 Questions with Chef Sonia Phillip of The Happy Hour Bakery

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…I think this goes both ways when it comes to desserts. We ladies love our sweet tooth equally so! Then there’s other satisfying things like fulfillment through living your passion and purpose and touching other lives with your talents. Today we feature another entrepreneur […]


Technology made easy

Hey T&T’s Entrepreneurs! Today we are excited to share with you some cool tips and tricks to make your business a few steps ahead with technology. Some are tried and true (some are even free – those 4 magic letters that Trinbagonians love to hear!), but some are quite new to us we must admit […]


Change the way you look at Mondays

Another Monday to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Many people think Mondays are blah, but so not true if you look at it the right way. The weekend is over and you are just 5 more days and 5 more ways away from celebrating next weekend. If you can find 5 ways to […]

Strategic Planning 2015

A Strategic Plan: Is it really needed?

It’s mid-week and we’ve got another great insight into Marketing to share with you. Last week we learnt from marketing professional Cindy Guevara why Marketing is important to your business. Today we caught up with Business Development Consultant, Yohann Sambrano who will examine why strategic planning is necessary to chart the way forward in your […]


Let’s Talk About Goals

Happy Monday T&T’s Entrepreneurs! Hope your weekend was well spent. It’s that time again. Goal setting time. Let’s talk about goals. In life without goals, we are like a ship without a course that goes to and fro on the ocean thrown this way and that by the waves and currents. The captain can’t lead […]