7 Questions with Carla Williams Johnson of Carli Communications

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Hope it’s been a great week for you and as June winds down, we will share with you our interview with Owner and Primary Consultant of Carli Communications Carla Williams Johnson. She will show you why we do what we do and how abundance is measured.

I hope I speak for entrepreneurs everywhere when I say that our watchwords for success are, “Do it from the heart and you’re off to a great start.” Abundance will always follow you once your house is built on solid ground and you are in business for the right reasons – which is to put a smile on your customers’ faces and send them forth with love to be happy, inspired, productive, successful and pay it forward.

The financial gains may not be apparent right away, but wait for it, be patient and do the above and your cup will always overflow with all the things you need.

Hope you enjoy this week’s 7 questions.

CYMERA_20160623_182040[1]1. Tell us in 5 words who is Carla Williams Johnson.
Fantastically Fabulous Ray of Sunshine

2. What is the genesis of your business? Why the name Carli Communications? How long have you been in business, how did you get started and why?

My business has been officially registered three years ago, but the idea of business has been planted in my mind for far long than that. I have always loved advertising as a child. I think I was the only child that loved watching television commercials more than the actual program. I found advertising was such a great way of reaching people and the more I got to know about it, is the more my love for this field grew.

I love brands and how they convey different feelings…I love how effective marketing can make you so emotionally connected to a brand that you become loyal without even realizing it. It’s exciting to me to find innovative ways of communicating with persons and letting them know who you really are.

The name of my business came from my Dad. He used to call me Carli all the time. We were very close as I was the only girl. (I was a bonafide Daddy’s girl lol) He died about six years ago and he was a business man himself. Our family business is called D’Office Restaurant Bar and Lounge located in Barataria which has been around for over 20 years. The name Carli evokes so much emotion in me because it reminds me of him. I know he would be proud.

3. What are some of the services you provide?

I like to consider myself a full service agency for small and medium sized businesses. I give advice on how they should move forward in promoting their business and where they should invest their funds to increase their visibility.

Of course all plans will be tailored to meet the needs of the respective business, but generally I provide preparation and execution of marketing and advertising strategies, public relations and promotions, copywriting, negotiation services, production of artwork and electronic material, social media management and website design and development.

My goal is to make businesses feel important, because they can get lost in all the clutter out there. I have even gone a step further in creating a series of workshops designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business. Courses in Branding, Marketing, Advertising and Business which, when combined, can help you understand what is needed to make your business stand out and make you an unstoppable force in the business world!

CYMERA_20160623_183441[1]4. What are some of your milestones to date?

I would say my latest milestone was my greatest! That was deciding to leave the corporate world and go off on my own.
My last job was truly an unpleasant experience and I found myself dealing with more and more stress and physically getting ill regularly. I decided once and for all that there must be something better. I am good at what I do and I will be appreciated.

I walked in one morning on the day I decided to resign and would you believe I received a letter stating that my position was redundant. I was so happy because it was as if God was validating my decision. Like He was saying “Yes Carla, this is your time”. I must say that since my decision I am much happier, more relaxed and stress free.

5. What are some challenges thus far?

The number one challenge for me I would say is time, I am always busy. My family is very supportive and they even joke that they have to book appointments to see me. Working an 8-4 job you get up by a certain time, beat the traffic, work, leave, come home, sleep. Working for yourself is so different. My mind is constantly going with ideas of how to make my clients’ lives better. I love it but it can be a challenge sometimes. Other than that I would say I am truly blessed. My business is growing, my clients are happy and I have a great tribe of people around me, supporting me in every possible way. And my family is behind me 100%. My daughter is my number one cheerleader, always encouraging me to never give up.

CYMERA_20160623_193340[1] (3)6. What do you want more than anything in the world when it comes to business?

Honestly I love to see businesses grow and prosper. My clients’ happiness is my happiness; my clients’ growth is my growth. I love to hear business owners speak after I have laid out their strategy. They become fearless – what was once a daunting task, is no longer a threat. I get a lot of “ah ha” looks and “You know I never thought of that” and I have even seen people I have mentored over the years go on to open their own businesses. It really makes me feel blessed to know that I was part of their journey to greatness.

7. What is your advice to other entrepreneurs?

First get your mind right, reconfirm why you got into business and let that drive you to greatness. I always say you are providing a solution for someone. Someone out there needs you and what you do, so don’t ever give up.
Secondly, get an accountability partner. I’m not talking about just any friend or family member, but someone who is on the same journey as you and understands what you face on a daily basis but refuses to let you fail.

Lastly, ask for help. The truth is you cannot do everything yourself. Do what you are good at, but get someone who is good at what they do to help you.

Connect with Carli Communications via
Tel: 1 (868) 355-1567/1 (868) 684-2525
Email: carli.media@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/carlicommunications/
Instagram: instagram.com/carlicommunications/
LinkedIn: Carla Williams Johnson

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