7 Questions with Christopher Crossley of Modern Connoisseur

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We made it! Another Friday is here. Today we want to introduce you to a revolutionary way of putting your best foot forward so to speak, for men (at least in T&T). Christopher Crossley’s business Modern Connoisseur is all about grooming men to be the best they can be. He is more than just a life coach and asset wealth manager, but he is genuinely interested in assisting men to be their best selves, personally, financially and dare we say mentally?

Read all about his business for yourself in today’s Up Close and Personal!

20160223_0803521. Tell us in 5 words who is Christopher Crossley.

These are the type of questions that always make you go hmmmm. I would say I’m a Gentleman, a Visionary, Passionate, Diligent and Organised

2. What is the genesis of your business? Why the name Modern Connoisseur? How long have you been in business, how did you get started and why?

Officially the business turned 3 this year, but the seed that was planted for Modern Connoisseur started back in 2006. I was getting my Associates in Information Technology back then and I was sitting in the classroom looking at all the women and wondering where were the men for these women to meet to build their lives with, every class was basically 95% women.

I didn’t realize back then that I would be positioning myself to influence men to strive to want more and live better lives. The name came about because someone called me a jack of all trades, I was always doing something and I said yes I’m a connoisseur of sorts and on top of that, a man in today’s society need to be multifaceted so there it was, a Modern Connoisseur.

3. What are some of the services you provide?
One of the main services I provide locally is that I work with professional gents that are interested in improving their personal image by learning skills to dress for success and fine tune their etiquette skills. I also work with gents who are interested in understanding and increasing their assets to secure their financial future.

DSC020754. What are some of your milestones to date?

Well though my business started off as primarily focusing on refining gents, it evolved where I’m also in the luxury concierge industry and had the pleasure of collaborating with high net worth individuals on projects globally.

5. What are some challenges thus far?

My main challenge has been building my community locally, getting clients to see the value of the services instead of focusing on the cost.

6. What do you want more than anything in the world when it comes to business?

What I want apart from the business being regarded as the No.1 in the Caribbean region for the abovementioned services; I want it to be the example that big business can be done without kissing the ring of any government or your last name having to be one of the top family names in the country. I want people to see it and say yes I can achieve all of my big dreams and have the lifestyle I want.

DSC020817. What is your advice to other entrepreneurs?

Build relationships, network, network, network… get out and meet people. You will need to be able to reach out to people to get things done and the more people you can collaborate with and build great relationships with, the wider your reach for resources to help grow your business.



Connect with Modern Connoisseur via

Phone: (868)-737-5254
Email: modernconnoisseur@gmail.com
Website: www.themodernconnoisseur.com
Facebook: modernconnoisseurtt
Twitter: @connoisseurtt
Instagram: @ModernConnoisseur and @mrcrossleysir



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