Change the way you look at Mondays

Another Monday to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Many people think Mondays are blah, but so not true if you look at it the right way. The weekend is over and you are just 5 more days and 5 more ways away from celebrating next weekend. If you can find 5 ways to make this week memorable, soon you will be looking forward to Mondays just as much as the weekend!

Less time spent complaining can be time used to make your mark and excel in your business which can spill over into your personal life. Find ways to collaborate on new projects, new ways to make a difference and improve business processes. More ways to make your employees more cheerful and productive. And more ways to generate more income for reinvestment and the lifestyle of your dreams.

Can you think of 5 things you can do this week to produce these results? Ready, set…GO!

I’ll get you started…

  • Write little love notes/inspirational greetings/tips and advice to your best clients (thoughtful ideas or gestures like this may provide the catalyst for you to generate more business in the future because you are adding value and making their life easier/happier)


  • Provide or partner with other business owners to offer a customized training workshop to your clients


  • Create some residual income by writing an e-book, short film/documentary or producing a CD


  • Partner with a colleague to offer a complimentary service e.g. if you’re into retail, partner with someone who is willing to assist customers with styling and choosing the right selections


  • If you are into events, how about a photo booth?


Can you think of any other ways to improve business and add value to customers?

Hope this helps! As usual, feel free to share and shoot us a comment below and let us know if you found this blog post useful.

Until next time.

Keep trucking,
T&T’s Entrepreneurs Team


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