7 Questions with Kerlene Duke-Boodram of Heavenly Cookies


Today our 7 Questions feature an enterprising young woman from Belle Garden, Tobago! Her responses will show you why the name of her business is Heavenly Cookies and her tagline: Heaven on earth in every bite.

If you’re in Tobago, have you tried these delicious cookies and cakes as yet? I missed my chance a few months ago, but this weekend I am getting a very special delivery and I can’t wait!

And for our visitors, when next you are over in the sister isle, you can’t leave without giving our sister Kerlene some (Tobago) love and showing your support for our T&T’s Entrepreneurs!!

1. Tell us in 5 words who is Kerlene Duke-Boodram.

Visionary, Passionate, Family & Goal-Oriented, Meticulous, Innovative

2. What is the genesis of your business? Why the name Heavenly Cookies? How long have you been in business, how did you get started and why?

For many years, I have possessed a passion for entrepreneurship but was uncertain of what field I should venture into. I have worked in corporate T&T for over 10 years, in the Accounting field to be precise. Based on experiences, I realized that I needed more to life than the “system” which we are more or less compelled to conform to.


My vision of becoming an entrepreneur hit home in 2012, having faced a life threatening situation which affected both myself and my daughter (who was a fetus at the time). It became clearer that I needed to Start Living. I started taking action. I initially registered a business and began stocking it, but the challenges of balancing family, career, studies and business soon became overwhelming and of course the business took the back seat.

Over the next few years, the landscape of my previous place of employment had radically changed, regressing mostly in morals and reinforced my passion for change. With much prayers and supplications, came the breakthrough…I was tired of burying my gifts and talents and was determined to live a life of purpose! I found an online Cookie decorating short course and got it at a whopping reduced price in December 2014. By January 2015, I started baking cookies. Family, friends and past colleagues were my lab rats. Lol.


I recall my first batch of Cookies being epic, although the icing was way too runny. However, I did not stop there. On evenings after work, I would ensure that my family is taken care of, then in the kitchen I would practice, practice, practice! It makes one progress!

My husband Naresh, daughter Anaya, parents, siblings and friends have been very encouraging, helpful and supportive along this journey. In May, having being prompted by my sister Michelle, I decided to do away with fear and launch my Facebook page (the business wasn’t even fully registered at the time).

Because GOD has been with and continues to be with me every step of the way, I have decided that HE is the Hub of my life. The quality of our cookies (and other products; we commenced with cookies only) as well as our journey, is the reason behind the name and tagline: Heavenly Cookies, Heaven on earth in every bite.

As business progressed and with GOD’S Divine Intervention, in August 2015 I decided to leave my previous job in the Accounting field and Step Out in Faith to pursue my heart’s desire, owning and operating a successful fulfilling business.

3. What are some of the services you provide?

We cater for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Showers (both baby and bridal), Corporate Events and the likes. Our product line entails Iced Cookies, Iced Cakes, Cupcakes and Brownies.


4. What are some of your milestones to date?

Launching out in faith, expanded product line and making great progress. I recall prospective customers from the U.S contacting us, all geared to purchase cakes.

5. What are some challenges thus far?

Some of our challenges include; balancing work and family and remaining focused and buoyant in tough economic times.

6. What do you want more than anything in the world when it comes to business?

My highest heart’s desire for Heavenly Cookies is for my Vision to be realized and fulfilled. This includes expanding globally as well as an increased and improved product line. The bar can always be raised higher.


7. What is your advice to other entrepreneurs?

My advice is to turn your talents into businesses. This principle is biblical where the master handsomely rewarded the servants for multiplying their talents and disappointedly took away from the one who buried his. Be prepared to work twice as much as being employed by someone else. Remember, when the seed is sown it takes a lot of nurturing to germinate and go through the stages of growth and development; so too does a business. The rewards of proper nurturing are, well let’s just say Phenomenal.
Carefully tucked away in each individual is a treasure; the onus is on us to discover, develop and live it.


Connect with Heavenly Cookies via:
Phone or Whatsapp: 473-9783
Email: heavenlycookies17@gmail.com
Facebook: Heavenly Cookies

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Keep trucking,
T&T’s Entrepreneurs Team

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