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It’s that time again. Monday roll call. It’s always important to stay present in the moment – not only for your business but your life. Yeah we know it’s been said before by life’s gurus to LIVE IN THE MOMENT. But it’s worth repeating. Let me walk you through a little scenario.

A client walks in. You’re on your phone or just distracted with an employee. You don’t realize that she’s waiting on you for several minutes taking in your every word, body language and gestures: how you treat the employee, your reaction to him/her, your facial expression, your tone of voice etc.

Now all this time, you haven’t acknowledged this customer who has walked into your establishment to do business. You think she’s just casually and patiently looking around, but she’s observing you!

Let’s say you’re on your phone. You must decide and prioritize: can I do this later? How important is this call/Whatsapp message?

You decide.

You can risk possibly thousands of dollars’ worth in business. You can risk repeat business. You can risk free advertising and referrals via word of mouth. You can risk your reputation as this customer takes to social media (or even traditional media as she is due for a television appearance the very next day) to spread the bad news about your customer service and employee relations.

If she tells all her friends and family, you risk ruining your chances of ever regaining a positive image in her eyes. Who knows if the script was flipped, this woman may have even ended up being the woman of your dreams as you can potentially hit it off so well from the get-go (hey I’ve seen it happen!).

Next time you think about answering your phone or reacting to a person or a situation, think about the repercussions. Maybe you can exercise some emotional intelligence. Would it be better (albeit more difficult) to take a breath, count to 10 and walk away? Or must you react? Can you channel your emotions differently to achieve an equally powerful, but positive result instead?

Think about it. The choice is yours. We are on the same growth curve and each day we learn how to harness our inner strength to bring about our desired change in ourselves and others.

Live in the moment. It comes but once. It’s fleeting and before you know it’s gone. Never to be recaptured ever again.

Have a Happy Monday and great week ahead!

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Until next time.

Keep trucking,
T&T’s Entrepreneurs Team

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