4 Reasons why you may need a business coach

You’re almost there T&T’s Entrepreneurs…one more day for the weekend! See that wasn’t hard? With the right mindset you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Like we said at the start of the week, once you prioritize your life and do you like only you can, all will be well in your world.

Speaking of which, we caught up with consultant and business coach Adanna Austin to get the dish on the importance of having the right mindset when it comes to conquering your fears to achieve business success. We asked her why a business coach is vital especially when starting a business or traversing choppy waters and here’s what she had to say.




1- A coach helps you break through the barriers that are keeping you back from moving forward in your business. Sometimes the barriers are all in your head or it can be something more tangible. Austin says by creating the right mindset, you can surmount all of these barriers seen and unseen to get you where you need to go in record time, but you gotta werk!

2- A coach helps you set SMART goals, motivate and supports you and provides accountability for the things you commit to do. Sometimes you need that little extra nudge – an accountability partner to give you gentle reminders and the needed motivation you can’t find on your own.

3- A coach deals with your future plans and does not focus on your past. It’s been tried and true. Good coaches are your personal cheerleaders; they believe in you at the times when you don’t even believe in you. They bolster your strengths, giving you the courage and confidence to remove your baggage of past failures and transform them into learning experiences for your future success.

4- Austin says a coach helps you understand the WHY of wanting to be in business; they guide you in identifying your ideal clients and help you develop strategies to grow your business. I don’t know how they do it, but sometimes a coach knows your business better than even you! They research your product/service well enough to direct you towards extracting that information needed to help you move forward and win new clients.

For more information on coaching you can contact Marketing Dynamics Business Solutions (868) 689-4486 or email – www.mkgdynamics.com  www.facebook.com/MDBusinessSolutions


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