4 Useful Tips to Enhance Your Customer Service

Customer Service is an integral element of any business, especially the hospitality and service industries. As we said in an earlier blog post, Trinidad and Tobago is in dire need of help in this department since the things that pass for customer service can make you go hmmm.

customer-serviceiStock_000017416390XSmallWe caught up with Lisa Shandilya General Manager of The Chancellor Hotel who shared with us her secret to having good staff retention who provide impeccable customer service to her customers over the years. We did a little investigating and the proof is in the pudding – Customer Service with a smile each and every time and staff that goes the extra mile for the customer.

Here are her 4 pearls of wisdom:

1. Impressing upon them the value of what you want to represent.

Shandilya says that you must set your standards from the get go. Let your staff know what you expect of them and this will give them a sense of responsibility to get the job done to the best of their ability.

2. Train every six months

Knowledge is power and it is important for staff to keep abreast of what is expected and also to keep current with new developments in your particular industry. Shandilya says by training every six months, you never allow your staff to lose focus of the fundamentals of their job function.

3. Random checks on performance

As a manager or someone responsible for employees you must be able to stay at the top of your game. Managing people can be one of the hardest tasks in running a business because each personality is so different and everyone is dealing with issues of their own. By using the element of surprise, you can get to the core of your staff members’ true performance at the times when they are not expecting you to. This doesn’t have to be done in an ostentatious way either, but can be done casually just to keep them on their toes and make them aware that you are always looking on.

4. Regularly take them out to other establishments

Shandilya uses this method to ensure that her staff are aware of the industry standard. This is done in an effort to get tips on how to improve their service and manage customers’ expectations.

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