5 Reasons Why Your Business Requires You to be Emotionally Intelligent

Have you ever met that person who are a bundle of nerves and can’t seem to keep their emotions in check? Either they fly off the handle at the slightest irritation or they have the inability to control their reactions to situations and people in their life effectively. No? Maybe that person is you? Well, unless you are bipolar and don’t know it yet, these reactions aren’t normal. Here are some indicators to look out for and also ways to find that balance you need.

1- Don’t dwell on the past
What’s gone is history. Not to be cliché, but no sense crying over spilt milk, get over it already! If you made a mistake, more often than not, it can’t be undone. The most you can do is try to save face and see how you can either remedy the situation or learn from it. This applies to both business and personal life. Today is yours to transform into your desired outcome.

2- Empathy goes a long way
Emotionally intelligent people genuinely care about the welfare of others. They are active listeners and seek to learn more about others or pacify a situation. They don’t rub salt in the wounds or engage in reproachful or vengeful behavior. Learning more about your client (and staff) and what their needs are go a long way and most times results in personalized service, loyal staff and customers and repeat business.

3- Find a partner who gets you
Inc.com columnist Paul Grossinger says that finding the right partner is a key ingredient to achieving emotional balance. He says you should seek to empower them and vice versa. You don’t want to be around someone who picks fights, constantly belittles you or your ambitions, competes with you or doesn’t get what you do or what you are about.
They must be able to complement you, support you and override your flaws and see the real you deep down beneath the veneer. Your personal life in a way sets the tone and affects everything else: your business, your family and your peace of mind, so finding the right partner is instrumental to your success.

4- Get to the root of your emotions
Psychology Expert, By Kendra Cherry suggests that we should not act rashly when angry or upset, but rather find ways to get to the root of the underlying emotions. Instead cool off before getting into an argument or writing an angry email. She says emotionally intelligent people pay attention to what they are feeling and learn how to manage their emotions to bring about the desired results in their life.

They are also aware of how their moods and emotions affect other people. In the case of your clients, you don’t want to let it all hang out if your one and only left after 20 years or if your post lady messed up the delivery that your Aunt Mildred sent from New York with love.

Or worse, if your customer is the root of your angst, as my mother would say, put the insults in your back pocket and find out how you can serve better.

5- Stay Motivated
Emotionally intelligent people don’t give in to fear. They embrace change even when everyone says no and they jump into the deep end of the pool if this will take them to the next level. They are able to control their emotions and follow through with the right actions to pursue their worthy goals steadfastly until it is achieved.
Whether it’s a new business, a merger, new investment or capital purchase, emotionally intelligent people do what it takes to achieve ultimate success.


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