Learn to let go

Happy Friday all! Ever notice the people that have the most fun are the ones that learn to let go? Even in business, we tend to hold on to things way longer than we need to. Any of this sounds familiar?

  • That customer that worked our last nerve with all the know-it-all type questions challenging your authority.
  • That customer that beat us down so much that a razor blade could pass under their negotiating skills.
  • Those employees that break all the rules and feel they can run your business better than you.

Yup we’ve all been there, but sometimes you just need to draw boundaries and learnt when to let go.
Try these options on for size:

Irritating questions? Smile and answer as best you could while making a joke here and there to let the client know you are aware of what they are doing (in the most respectful way of course!).

You can try something like this: “You know Mrs. Harry not everyone can pull off a mean roast duck! The proof is in the pudding. All my years at TTHTI and I’ve never met anyone to top my roast yet!”

Cheap customer? Simply say no thank you and walk away from this client. Your ideal customer will come. Don’t compromise your talent and standards, instead learn how to say no (diplomatically).

Demanding client? Do the best job you possibly can. Schedule your time meticulously and take a time out when needed, so you don’t crash and burn.

Troublemaker staff? Learn to instill respect and practice reward and recognition. Show your employees that hard work pays off and if they do just that, they will be rewarded and similarly, if they mess up there will be consequences.

When you feel like screaming or crying, just do like I do: laugh it off or sing. When life gets tough, sometimes the simplest things can cure the situation. Go hang out with a fun friend, take a drive, go to the beach, play with your pet and return to the situation with a renewed spirit. When you get back to the situation, write down the details and all your options for handling the situation outlining the pros and cons. This always helps.


Have a beautiful weekend folks.
Until next time.
Keep trucking,
T&T’s Entrepreneurs Team.

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