3 Traits of Successful People

We all measure success in different ways. What may be average to one person may be a dream come true to another. We should not judge others by their definition of success. We observed a few successful people locally and abroad and singled out these 3 traits they all have in common.

They constantly re-invent themselves

Life is not static. It’s ever changing. Anyone who is not changing with the tide, will no less be left behind. In order to be successful, it’s important to recognize this and know when to change. Whether it’s a negative behavior or attitude in yourself, a toxic relationship or situation, changing jobs or starting your own business, sometimes it takes big risks to enjoy huge gains. In order to stay relevant especially in the business world, Forbes columnist Dan Schawbel, reminds us that we can’t stay stagnant and ignore trends, but rather constantly come up with new ideas, acquire new skills and be on the lookout for the next big thing.

They are accountable for their actions

Successful people don’t depend on other people to get the job done or blame others or circumstances when things go wrong. They often do self-reflection and take an inventory after each day about what they could do differently to step up their game. They don’t wallow in despair for too long or as we say in trinbago, “play wrong and strong” but suck it up and admit to their mistakes, always coming up with creative ways to improve so they don’t get stuck in a revolving door of “I should have’s or if only’s” when it’s much too late.

They don’t think they are infallible

The truly admirable and successful people don’t let success; fame or fortune go to their heads, because they know it can all come crashing down like Humpty Dumpty at any given moment. They recognize that the business world and life on the whole is very volatile. You can be at the top of your game today, then the market can change tomorrow or the competition can come along to make the waters choppy. They are aware and confident about their strengths, however constantly finding ways to change it up. Above all they remain humble and take constructive criticism.

Be a game changer not a follower!

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