What do you need to know about HR to successfully run your business

It’s true what the Stylistics said back in the 70s: ”People make the world go round”. It extends to personal and business life alike. We caught up with HR professional Maria Michael-Alibey who affirms that in business, employees are your #1 asset. She shares some useful tips to make your business run like a well-oiled machine!

Don’t rush the recruitment process

The subject matter expert says, it all starts with good hires. “Take the time to find the right fit and by this I mean take the time to interview, do not rush the process.” Having worked in HR for numerous years myself, I can attest to the more haste, less speed rule. It’s good to explore different styles of recruitment: psychometric testing, assessment centres, situational questions, aptitude tests, panel interviews etc

Staff development is key

Michael-Alibey suggests training and development in order to keep staff motivated. “If you can’t promote vertically, then do so horizontally, give stretch projects, cross train and add depth to their portfolio.” This helps to break up the monotony and routine of the employee’s portfolio and allows their potential to shine through and add value to not only the organization but to themselves. It shows that you have a vested interest in your employees’ well-being and personal development and are not just concerned about the bottom line. Give feedback to your employees on a regular basis and retrain where necessary.

Reward and recognition

Michael-Alibey says the key to retaining staff is to recognize them. By keeping your employees engaged and challenged you obtain better results. You can do this by both monetary or non-monetary incentives as well as additional responsibilities (with pay of course!). We spoke about this in an earlier blog post where we mentioned work from home policies, health club, recreational facilities and more.

Treat your employees with dignity and respect always

The HR practitioner says it’s important to focus on exceeding customer service to your customers both internally (your employees) and externally (the paying customer). When you lead by example, you demonstrate that you see them as a real person rather than just a worker and this goes a long way. Your business will then be able to run without you physically present 24/7. You will win loyalty and commitment and won’t have to look over your shoulder when you are on vacation or away from your business.

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