Here’s a little something about laughter I’m sure you didn’t know

Happy April 1st!

Folks we have some sad news, we are overcome with emotion to announce that this will be the final blog for T&T’s Entrepreneurs ☹
OK gotcha!! Happy April Fools! We had ya going there for a minute didn’t we?
We would never do that to our loyal fan base because we love making you happy ☺. Please feel free to send us a note and let us know what you think about the content so far.

So today is Friday…. the start of a brand new month. Our T&T’s Entrepreneurs team celebrates the successful completion of our first month of blogging. Yay! We urge you to give yourself a collective pat on the back, because you know what?! You’ve done a good job!

Stop being so hard on yourself, whatever you didn’t do in March, you have a brand new palette of colour to paint a new masterpiece in April and beyond. Always remember that what you do today lays the foundation for tomorrow.

Do something fun today and let your hair down. Give thanks for your blessings for having made it this far and just know that you’re onto something great! Do something silly, go play a prank on someone and just laugh and let out all the stress!

Here’s a little something about laughter I’m sure you didn’t know:

According to Huffington Post columnist, Cardiologist, Author, Founder of Revitalize-U, Dr. Cynthia Thaik, “laughter actually causes physiological responses that protect the body from disease and help your vital organs repair themselves.”

She says A good laugh can be compared to a mild workout as it does wonders for the body. It not only exercises our muscles, but is also gets the blood pumping, decreases blood pressure and stress hormones, improves sleep patterns and boosts the immune system.

Thaik goes further to share the findings of a John Hopkins University Medical School which showed that humor and laughter also improves memory and mental performance.

So our advice to you is to LAUGH, LIVE, LOVE!!!

Until next time…
Keep Trucking,
T&T’s Entrepreneurs Team

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