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Happy Easter Monday all! (one more day to sleep yay ☺)

It’s the last week of March and as we reflect on the past 4 weeks, let’s celebrate our milestones and wins (even the iddy biddy ones that you think don’t matter). Time to get out pen and paper! Now’s a good time as any if you don’t already have a notebook or diary dedicated to your goals.

It’s useful to ask yourself these 5 questions at the end of each month:

1- What did you accomplish this month?

2- Did you do everything you set out to do when this month began?

3- What did you learn? List it.

4- How did you turn your negatives into positives?

5- What can you do differently next month?

If you could answer all those questions truthfully and precisely, that’s the first step to moving forward stronger and purposefully. Similarly, set some goals for April and shift across anything you didn’t accomplish in March. As you slay those dragons one by one, cross them off your list also giving yourself a red tick (this visual works as a good motivation technique for me).

Here’s some more helpful tips as you approach a new month:

  • Write down each detail of what this goal would look like and how you plan to accomplish it.
  • Stick your list of goals up somewhere you can see them and repeat aloud every day. Once you get a visual, it’s easy to remember and remain focused.
  • One more amazing trick. Don’t tell a soul. Keep your dreams close to your chest so that no one has a chance of stealing your passion.

Oh and of course remember to follow through!Let’s go! Thank you for the lessons March…April here we come!!

Keep Trucking,
T&T’s Entrepreneur’s Team

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