5 Points to Consider When Building a Killer Website

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Today we’ll talk to you about that hot topic: your presence on the world wide web! Your very own dot-com is great for branding and it’s sorta cool to tell people your website is your name or that of your company, but a good website is so much more than this.
We caught up with web architect and pioneer in her own right Natalie O’Brien – proud owner of NOB IT Solutions who is currently building her very own business intelligence software. How cool is that? Right here in trini! #girlpower. You can read all about her here if you think we’re exaggerating – www.newsday.co.tt/features

We asked Natalie the following questions and here were her responses:

T&TE: What makes a website stand out from the rest? What are some must-have features?
N.O.: Hmm this will depend on who your customers are and what you want your website to do for you. I will say you need to do your research and see what your customer is looking for and build from there.
As for must-have features, it all depends on what is in the now when it comes to technology. For now, I would say make your site responsive, meaning it can be viewed on all devices and not lose the look and feel of what you originally intended. It is good to consult with a professional who deals with web development to get guidance on what is trending and what is right for you.

T&TE: How often should we change the look and feel (interface) of our website? How often does technology become yesterday’s news?
N.O.: Technology changes pretty fast, but I would say once per year to be on the safe side. However, changing with technology is one thing, but you should also keep your site updated with current information which is necessary for keeping it alive. Some companies create a site and never update it, so when potential customers come looking for information there, they look elsewhere because they have noticed the site is not updated.

T&TE: This is a tricky one, but what’s the difference between a domain name and web hosting?
N.O.: A domain name is basically your business name online. My advice is to keep it short and easy to remember for ease of reference when potential customers are ready to type it into their browser. The use of rich keywords will allow your website to show up faster in search engine results which can be good for business.
Hosting is the platform you use to house your website e.g. Bluehost, Dreamhost, HostGator
It’s good to purchase these things from the same place otherwise you would be in a similar position as if you were to buy land (domain) in Maraval and then build your house (hosting) in San Fernando and you just don’t want that hassle! ☺

T&TE: Why is it good to invest in a domain name?
N.O.: It makes your business look more official and professional on the internet. It also shows customers you are serious about your image and business and gives credibility to your name.

T&TE: What are the different types of websites?
N.O.: The type of website you choose; will depend on what you want your site to do for you. These are some of the type of sites:

Static website – designed with static information and does not include any databases or any interactive content e.g. www.dropbox.com

Dynamic website – an interactive site that will perform and display complex functions, displays and data. e.g. www.computerhope.com/

Content management website – allows you the ability to create content and update it yourself e.g. www.wordpress.org (Blog) www.joomla.org (Portal) www.drupal.org (CMS)

E-commerce – facilitates online shopping e.g. www.shopify.com , www.bigcommerce.com

Web application – large companies use this to combine all the above into one with customized databases etc. e.g. Office Online, QuickBooks Online.

And the latest trend in website design is known as Responsive Design which allows your site to resize to whichever devices users are using to view it and enable functionality with easy to use content.


Hope this helps! As usual, feel free to share and shoot us a comment below and let us know if you found this blog post useful!
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