3 Practical Ways To Stay Organized at Work

It’s Thursday y’all! Yeah! We’re almost there and you’re doing soo well. You’re still breathing (which is a good sign!). On a serious note, the work week is almost through and you have lots for which to be proud. Soon you will be able to kick off your shoes and enjoy a little down time (more about that tomorrow). But before you can do that, in today’s blog we’ll be prepping you for next week’s activities.

How many of us find it hard to keep track of everything going on in our lives? I think I heard some collective me’s out there ☺. So yes, you’re not alone. Life can be a juggling act, especially for those with families and kids and of course let’s not forget the single moms and dads. But it can be done. It’s been tried and true!

Not everyone is Beyoncé and can afford a personal assistant and for many small business owners, a secretary is an additional expense we don’t need, especially in the early stages of entrepreneurship. Today we share with you some tips that have worked for us, which we hope can work for you too.

1- Plan Ahead and Use Constant Reminders
Usually by the previous week, you know what’s going to happen in the upcoming week. Get an old fashioned diary, an excel sheet or download the sticky note app to your computer so you know exactly what’s happening and when. Write it down as soon as possible, so it won’t get lost in translation.

When you have the time, put in a reminder on your phone with an alarm for a day or two in advance. Get a white board and place it in your workspace, or there are those cool mini boards that you can stick onto your refrigerator (so every time you get yourself a glass of water, you’d remember!).

2- Stick to a Routine
Life is unpredictable, but as far as possible we can come up with ways to colour within the lines. My business coach taught me this trick, which is to perform specific tasks at a particular time each day. For example, follow up on invoices first thing on a Friday, visit clients on a Monday afternoon and so on.

This makes sense, as your mind and body gets into a rhythm which makes it easy to remember. Every now and then, you can change it up as circumstances arise, but it’s a good way to maintain some sort of control over your daily and monthly schedules.

3- Keep a Tidy Work Area
Some people function perfectly well in a messy area and others are neat freaks. But the key to keeping focused and having a professional image is to keep things in their rightful place. No one wants to have a meeting with you where they can’t see past the stack of files and papers blocking their view. So file those invoices right away, keep those business cards in a special place where you can find them later and pack away all those books on your bookshelf!

Keep personal things away from your office and business related things in the office or wherever you work. That way you know where to find everything when that time comes and you programme your mind to compartmentalize different facets of your life.


There we go! Hope you find these tips helpful. Please comment below and let us know!

Keep trucking,
T&T’s Entrepreneurs Team.

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