4 Sure-Fire Tips For Employee Retention


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Here are some tips designed to help keep your employees away from HR!

1- Value your team’s opinions
The rule of thumb is to make your employees feel like they’re a part of the bigger picture. One way to do that is to include your team in the decision making process. You can ask for feedback so that they know they are not just “working for da man (or woman)” if you know what we mean!

There are many ways to do this ranging from a suggestion box, questionnaire or staff retreat. This way your employees would be more motivated to give you 110% because they feel that their ideas are important and they are making a difference.

2- Reward a job well done
It’s important to reward your staff when they execute their tasks well. Do you remember at primary school when you got that golden star for scoring the highest in mental? How many of you remember when math was called “mental”!? OK, let’s keep it simple: Spelling Bee! (Times a-changing we get it!)

Even if you place your employees’ name up on a board with the highest number of sales or queries resolved in a week. Non-monetary rewards sometimes do more psychologically than monetary rewards depending on the individual. To be recognized in front of one’s peers are a key component to motivation (esteem needs) according to psychologist Abraham Maslow in his hierarchy of needs theory. So reward away!

3- Say it like you mean it!
The key to understanding each another in any relationship is healthy two-way communication. Many employees feel disgruntled because they feel that there are no avenues for redress or opportunities to be heard. If you say you have an open door policy, you must mean it.

When your staff come to you, there must be a feeling that you are giving them your undivided attention. Tell your secretary to hold your calls for 15 minutes and respond to your Whatsapp messages and emails after your meeting.

When you communicate, ensure that you are not just paying lip service. Follow up with decisive action and don’t tell them one thing and do something else. The saying, “actions speaks louder than words” is the real deal. No one wants to work for a boss who is not true to their words. This is a surefire way to lose credibility and respect and get talked about at the water cooler.

4- Share in the wealth
There’s a reason why the big oil companies and international companies like Google and Yahoo have such a low rate of employee turnover. You guessed it! Because the benefits are great! Who won’t want to work where there is profit sharing, work from home policies, tasty 24-7 cafeteria meals, health club, recreational facilities and more?!

I’m not saying every local entrepreneur can afford to do all of these things, but a little creativity goes a long way. I know you can do it and we are here to help! We Trinbagonians are a resourceful bunch ☺

Make your employees happy by creating a happy work life and you can enjoy the benefits!

Until next time.

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