How To Turn A Negative Into a Positive

Happy Monday all! It’s that time again when we usher in a new week…A week that beholds a world of possibilities…A blank canvas to begin painting the masterpiece of our dreams.

Do you recall a time in your life when things weren’t always positive? Maybe you were surrounded by toxic people. Maybe you had the wrong mindset. Or maybe you lacked that belief system to keep you afloat when things looked grim. But somehow you made it.

I think it’s built into our DNA to always bounce back and recover from anything life throws at us. Even if we hit a rough patch, we would always find the strength to climb out of that well we’ve found ourselves in.

If you’re at that juncture in your personal or business life right now and you think there’s no way out, think again. Each of us has greatness within. It’s all about positive thinking.

Photo Credit- Jared Erondu
Photo Credit- Jared Erondu

I use self-talk to get me through those rough days (just don’t do it in public!). From the time a negative thought creeps in, tell yourself 3 more positive things. For example, the devil may be trying to tell you (through other people or the media): “Who are you kidding? Your days are numbered. You are not selling anything unique…You were just lucky so far.”

Then you say to yourself: “Ha! I am more than ENOUGH. I am created unique with special skills and mad talent. I AM going to make it and no one or nothing is going to stop me! My business WILL prosper. Clients will always be attracted to my products and services and that has nothing to do with luck!”

I’m not going to lie to you, there will be some days that may be more difficult. You may lack that will to get up and get, but here are some simple steps that may get you out of your funk!

1-From the moment you open your eyes each morning, give thanks for the day and affirm what you want to create in your life each day

2- Be still for at least 15 minutes and think deeply about the things that matter most to you

3- Mentally prepare yourself for the next 24 hours, taking into account any challenges

4- List your daily, monthly and yearly goals and review them at least once a day

5- Mentally review the members of your inner circle and ask yourself if each one is a positive connection and why

6- Distance yourself from any negativity in your life (unhealthy people/situations)

7- Tell yourself daily that you have greatness within and you are destined for SUCCESS in all areas of your life…Claim it and sit back and watch it become YOURS!

Keep Trucking,
T&T’s Entrepreneur’s Team

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