Cheers To The Weekend

Happy Friday all!

It’s the day some of us have been waiting for all week. But for us entrepreneurs, our work may be now beginning!

However, our love for what we do keeps us afloat on the days when it feels like we are drowning. You know the feeling when you feel as though you are being pulled in all different directions?

Everyone wants your time: the suppliers, your employees, your customers (of course you need them!), your kids, your husband/wife.
Yes, that oh familiar feeling. And then there’s your mother that calls you at least twice a day to find out if you’ve had a good lunch and asks you to pick up some okras for her callaloo on Sunday!

So with all this activity, it’s no wonder we feel like we are burning the candle on both ends. Late hours, lots of follow up phone calls, driving around doing deliveries, errands or visiting clients. It’s like Kermit said, “it’s not easy being green!” But it’s all or nothing. We do it for the love.

Here’s some ideas to ensure that you get that rejuvenation you need:

Make time a couple days a week to do something for yourself.
– Go to a coffee shop and just sit and do nothing else but sip your mochaccino. No phones, no computers, nobody but you.
– Go to the beach during the week when everyone’s at work. Take the family or take a few friends and make it a lime
– Take a long drive to the countryside, unplug and sit in nature, meditate and focus on your goals
– Go dancing!
– Go hiking
– Go to a comedy show
– Go to your favourite restaurant or bar, but everything in moderation

We’d love to hear about some of the things you do to unwind! Ready, set, go!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Until next time.
Keep trucking,
T&T’s Entrepreneurs Team.

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