A special hello to anyone celebrating a birthday, anniversary or business anniversary as we usher in the month of March. You’ve worked hard and this is your time to celebrate and pamper yourself because you know what?! You deserve it.

This blog is designed to provide the entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur with motivation, advice and information to operate your business more efficiently in keeping with industry standards.

Our blog posts will equip you with tools about money, IT, HR, marketing, work-life balance, the inspiration needed to keep you firing on all cylinders and much more.

You will learn about the journey of other successful entrepreneurs and the whole 9 yards with a Trinbagonian twist. Hey we may even make you laugh out loud at times, so be sure to stay tuned to each post!

We begin on a Tuesday, but have concocted a special Motivation Minute for you that we would usually kick start the week with on a Monday.

It’s sometimes a lonely and maddening road we entrepreneurs walk to leave our safety net of a regular 8-4, but the destination is soo worth it! To see the looks on our clients’ faces is all the reward we need to keep us going.

Have you ever made a yummy pelau, burst the pigeon peas just right, with just enough pimentos, chadon beni and pumpkin (and meat of course) and have your guests, not only ask for seconds, but thirds!?

True story by the way, this happened to me in Grenada when cooking for some tourists a while back. It was awesomely awesome to have them ask me how it’s made and complement my figure attributed to my “good cooking!” ☺ Of course they did the dishes too and helped with preparation of the stewed chicken for the next meal!

Motivation Minute – Not everyone will get you.

Some will love you and be there e3very step of the way to support you. Others may love you from a distance, while secretly rooting for you. They will not “like” all your posts on social media or WhatsApp you every day.

Heck they may not even buy your products or come to all of your events, but in some way, they are secreting throwing some confetti in their living room just for you.
Believe it or not, they’re reading all your blogs and keeping an eye on you and one day you may get a call or message not knowing where this client or business opportunity came from…Surprise, surprise, it’s them!

Maybe you are doing everything they wish they could do, if and only if. Maybe they admire your guts and determination, but are afraid to say so, lest it go to your head and you inadvertently make them feel worse. Love them anyway.

Then there are the others (family included) that just don’t understand your journey and curse the day you left your “good government job” or cushy private paycheck.

There’s a reason for this.
Get behind the psychology and understand that they are just looking out for you. These goodly people don’t want to see you end up homeless without a shoe or camping out outside the mall waiting on the late o’clock dinner special.

They were probably raised in a time where starting your own business was unthinkable and only reserved for “special people.” But times-a-changing, it’s not and you are going to make it. Love these people anyway. They will get you one day.

Be patient and loyal to the people who support you with unconditional love and (business) advice every step of the way. They are your tribe. They are your fans and cheerleaders.

These people my dear friends are the glue that holds your business together. They are the yin to your yang . Never abandon them and most importantly never abandon your dreams.
One day you will fly!

Keep trucking,

T&T’s Entrepreneurs Team.

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